New Light Fittings

New Light Fittings Installed

Transform your home or business with new light fittings. Many DIYERs try to replace their own light fittings as it may seem like a cost effective, easy task from watching a video. Installing new lights are not always a simple task if you do not understand the concepts of wiring sequences. Trying to replace your own lights could also put you at risk from an electric shock or cause a fire if the installation is not done correctly. Give us a call to have your lights professionally installed and give you peace of mind that the installation is wired correctly.

You may require security lights for extra security at night or a walk way outdoor light to find your keys. Whatever your needs TES can carry out all of your lighting installations


Key Facts About Fitting New Lights

LED lights can save you up to 80% on electricity bills

DIY works on your lights can endanger you or another person’s life

Security lights can deter a theft

We have skilled, trained engineers who can Install all types of light fittings

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