Electric Hobs & Cooker Installations

Installing / Replacing electric Hobs/Cookers

Installing electric Hobs or cookers is not a simple job that an unskilled person should attempt as it requires cable calculations and the right accessories when installing an appliance with high power consumptions. Installing electric Hobs or cookers is not a simple case of plugging in the appliance, however, in reality installing an electric Hob or cooker is a complex task that should only be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Due to the high current demand and power consumption of your new Hob/Cooker, our electrical engineer will need to check that there is a dedicated circuit and circuit breaker that are suitable to supply the appliances.

TES will disconnect your old electric Hob/Cooker safely then install your new one using the existing wiring and circuit breaker.


Key Facts About Hob/Cooker Installations

  • Electric Hobs/Cookers require a large power consumption
  • We can reuse your existing wiring for your new Hob/Cooker
  • TES can install your new electric Hob/Cooker within 1 hour of your enquiry
  • We will disconnect your old Hob/Cooker, (A disposal service is available upon request)
  • TES will issue you with a minor works certificate on completion of the works

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