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Replacing/Installing Lighting & Switches

Replacing / installing a new light fitting or switch may seem like an easy task but we receive many calls from DIY enthusiasts that they have either confused the wiring or blown a fuse. Carrying out electrical DIY works on your home or business is very dangerous and could have serious consequences if a colleague or persons in your household are injured. Always use a qualified NICEIC electrician to carry out any works involving electricity as it will save you the worry of whether the job was done safely. The use of LED spot lights, security flood lights and wall lights have become ever so popular in recent years; these require the skill and knowledge of a registered Part P electrician when installing the fittings, as they are very difficult to do on your own.

TES are registered NICEIC Approved Contractors who have a number of qualified Part P electricians who have 5-10 years experience in installing mind boggling lighting systems. No matter how difficult the tasks are; in installing your light fixtures and fittings, we have qualified electricians who can install the light fittings and switches in a safe and practical manner.


Key Facts About Installing lighting & Switches

  • Installing lighting as a DIY project can have dangerous consequence
  • No matter how complicated the tsk is we have competent engineers to carry out the task.
  • You have the design; we will install to your specifications
  • LED down lighters have become very popular in recent years due to them saving energy
  • TES are registered NICEIC Approved Contractors who can tackle any task

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