Electric Showers

Fitting Electric Showers

It is compulsory under Part P of the building regulations to use a registered Part P-certified plumber or electrician to replace your shower. Showers are located under specified locations called Special Locations and are therefore notifiable if they are altered or replaced. Electric showers combine water and electricity, so it is important that they are installed correctly and safely. Even If you’re replacing an existing electric shower unit like-for-like, you are still required to use a registered Part P-certified plumber or electrician

What is a special location?

A room containing a bath or shower is considered as a special location. The space inside and surrounding a bath or shower is given specific zones 0-2. Specific types of equipment and voltages can be used within these zones so it is very important to use a qualified electrician who can identify where equipment can be installed.


Key Facts About Electrical Showers

  • There are specific zones where electrical equipment can be installed
  • Always use a Part P registered electrician to replace your shower
  • There can be serious consequences if a shower is installed incorrectly
  • Call TES for a free no obligation quotation to replace or install your shower

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